Friday, January 29, 2010

REVIEW: Freshlook Colorblends Contacts ♥

Hi hiii~

Recently, I purchased a brand new contacts lens. :)
I never use them before & it's quite an experience. lol.
I went to the mall with my BF the other day & saw a promotion in a new optical store.
They were having a promotion for a contacts lens which if I buy 2 box, I will get another box for free.
I thought, why not? I'm having troubles with eyesight too.
So Hney & I got our eyes tested & it turned out that I have a 0.75 minus while Hney's have a 1. something minus.
Which explains why we see blurred for the far sight. xD

There were a lot of choices of contacts brand, but we chose Freshlook Colorblends because it was the most natural color contacts.
I picked the Gray color, caz I thought I should try the less-obvious color before deciding to go all extreme with the contacts. 
The other 2 were for my BF because he has worser eyesight compare to me.
He picked the Brilliant Blue & the Sterling Gray which are the combination of gray & aqua-ish color.

So we did purchased them & it costs us RM120 for 2 box. 

So that means RM60/box for the power contacts or the contacts with prescriptions. (RM60 is around Rp.180.000,-) & I got another box for free^^

I think the non-power contacts would be around RM50 (Rp.150.000,-).

When we got home, we tried the contacts.
I was having a hard time putting them on & I search some YouTube videos that explains the technique.
After quite sometime, I finally got it. lol.
I hurts at first, my eyes were red, I cried naturally not because of the pain though.
My eyes need to take sometime to get used to it but so far I like them very much.
I like the color, the material, and everything else.
My eyesight is so much better too. I can see farsight now without even trying :)
The gray color also compliments my eyes.
These are some of the pictures~~


soo that's my review of the contacts. ask mee if you have questions^^
I will post the techniques that I use & some more review on the future posts. :)
byee.. ♥♥

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