Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Glass Etch Projects

I have been so intrigued by the glass etch projects made with vinyl and Armour Etch which I have viewed at various blogs that I decided to have a go at etching.  After Christmas I purchased 9 inch tall hand blown candle sticks on close-out sale.  I thought they would be perfect for etching as there is a 1 inch rim at the top edge.  I also thought the close out price was a plus as this was a new craft for me.

I used Design Studio and Storybook to cut a design in scrap cricut vinyl I had in a drawer.  I used the negative part of the cut and applied the vinyl pieces to the glass.  I then filled in the vine-flower design with Armour Etch. 

I did not realize that the Armour Etch cream would drip, but it did.  Right down onto the bulb area in the center of the candle stick.  I tried a couple of fixes but found all attempts to deal with the drips lacking.  So finally I realized that I could etch the whole bulb area.  I am actually quite pleased with this effect.

I purchased candles at Hobby Lobby and now I am all set with cute Valentine gifts for my daughter and my son's girlfriend.

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