Friday, January 29, 2010

♥ pimping my BB Bold & E71 ♥

soooo, I have been using the rubber case for my BB Bold.
it's cute but I wanna try something else..
so I found this little accessories shop for Blackberry in PIM (Pondok Indah Mall), Indonesia.
not only rubber case, but also the hard battery case. :)
they weren't much choices of colors because there were soo many people in the shop buying accessories so I guess the choices got ran out.
luckily, they still have the PINK one although the material was too glossy (the Bold battery case supposedly a bit leathery) but hey, it's still pink~ lol.
& the other color that I picked was the light green & the material was made from leathery so it matched my Bold. xD
I was kind of thinking to get the orange one too with a little bit of style of animal print, but i thought i wouldn't need that much case anyway.
those battery case costs about Rp.100.000,-
i'm not sure if it's expensive or not.
but they have the full set of case that comes with the keypad, battery case, and everything else but it was too expensive. it costs about Rp.1.500.000,-!!

soo what do ya' think, which one looks cuter?

as for my Nokia E71 case, I bought them in Bangkok while I was on quick holiday.
i chose the glittery bling bling cases just because I thought it looks fun~~ ^o^
it costs me about 350Baht/case. that's around Rp.100.000,- too just like my BB case.

soo which one looks cooler on my E71?

hehee pimping out gadgets it's fun.
although original case are not bad at all but i just want to 'dress-up' my gadgets sometimes. hahahaaaa~
maybe gadgets wants to look fashionable too. ♥♥

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