Monday, January 25, 2010

the girl everyone loves -- getting to know jillian harris

We first fell in love with the bubbly personality and adventurous spirit of Jilly, the interior designer from Peace River Alberta, Canada and her hot dog theory. Not only was she our fave gal but she was an instant fan favorite on Season 13 of The Bachelor. At the time we didn't realize the good things to come as we all watched Jason let go of Jillian Harris. Lucky for us the Canadian beauty became the star of The Bachelorette where we fell in love with her all over again - and where she found her love as we all looked on.

Since the show, it has been anything but calm - but we were able to catch up to find out just how humble and down-to-earth she really is and get the dish on life since the show, fashion & let's not forget…..bowling!

Cupcake Mag: Since the show has ended, how have things been? And of course how is your Ed?

Jillian: Since the show has ended, the roller coaster is still going up and down, but thank god we’re off the ‘loopy’ part of it! Life is slowly returning to normal, and everyday I am more and more grateful for the experience. Eddie and I are better and better everyday too. We (thankfully) go through the same growing pains as any new couple, but we are having so much fun building our life together!

Cupcake Mag: Any comments on the current season of The Bachelor? It was great seeing you & Ed giving advice. It is surely filled with controversy and drama but we all adore Jake.

Jillian: Like any season, the creators and cast will do an excellent job of keeping us glued to the screen... It’s like magic, or ok, maybe just a good mystical formula. I tried to say I wouldn’t watch again after my season, but it’s just too much fun to miss! Jake is a sweetheart, and deserves the best – we (all of us who have walked in his shoes) know though, that this route to happiness, is not so without some drama and suspense to keep us (the viewers) coming back.

Cupcake Mag: You have a great style and always look so chic! We all know you are a huge fan of Alice + Olivia, what other designers do you crave? What is your go-to outfit?

Jillian: My go to outfit these days is my Minnetonka knee high moccasins, and a plaid shirt from Aritzia. Aritzia definitely hogs my closet, their stuff just fits me so well, and their prices fit in my budget. But I do love Joe Fresh (Canadian Superstore) Target, Theory, Frye, Michael by Michael Kors and of course, forever 21!

Cupcake Mag: When we meet you during Fashion Week back in September, you seem to be very much into fashion - will we see a Jillian Harris collection in the future? (Fingers Crossed!)

Jillian: Oh don’t get me going ... But where does a person start? This has always been a dream of mine and my girlfriends; I would love to work on this for sure! My style is very “high brow low brow” and I think I could design a line that reflects that – like a plaid tee and sequined skirt! Yeeeee! Thank you so so much for the compliment, I better get to the drawing board!

Cupcake Mag: We noticed on twitter you were asking for help in naming "JEDS Bowling Team" for Big Brothers - did you ever decide on a name? Can you tell us a little more about your experience being a mentor with Big Brothers?

Jillian: Ed really wants to call the team “better off Jed” ... I am still not sure, our fans gave us so many great names and idea, we are just deciding which one it will be now. One of my favorites was “the most dramatic bowling team ever” haha! I was a volunteer for Big Brothers in Vancouver for years, and now that I am here in Chicago most of the time, I decided to join the board, and help with fundraising events. I always wanted to be a bilingual (French) teacher, as I was a French immersion student (second language) for 10 years, but life brought me to design and television instead. Helping with Big Brothers is the next best thing to teaching; I can make a difference in children's lives, and still do what I love for work!

To stay up to date on everything Jillian you can visit her website here and follow her on twitter!

Image Credits: Wedded Bliss Photography from Vernon B., ABC & by friends of Jillian!

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