Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday with Dorie: Applesauce Spice Bars

My oven is broken. Shock and disbelief is all that is left. The stove is digital and I have to turn the breaker in the panel off and back on to reset the stove just to bake 1 thing. No burners or timers can be used at this time. Otherwise, the whole stove shuts down and a 1-888-number appears and the oven will not turn back on until the whole breaker ritual is repeated. I have never had an oven go out on me before. I think I may be taking this a little too personally! I am completely bummed out and had NO idea just how addicted I am to baking. I don't even feel like shopping for a new stove because the options and prices are all over the map. What stove is the best stove for the right price? Ugh!

Something Sweet by Karen picked Applesauce Spice Bars on pages 117 and118 of Dorie Greenspan's Baking from my home to yours. You can find the recipe on Karen's web blog...and you must also check out her bars. They look beautiful and the perfect comfort food.

I, as always, altered the recipe just a little. First, no applesauce. The remedy? I used my baked, spicy apple butter instead. Apple brandy was added and the raisins were omitted.

One of my weaknesses is the combination of spices like the ones listed as part of the ingredients for these delicious bars. Cinnamon and allspice add so much to the senses and provide images of homey and rustic desserts.

My spicy baked apple butter had additional cinnamon and nutmeg and the heaviness of the baked butter did not hamper the recipe, which was to my relief.

My sister, Rachel, lives next to a lady with 19 laying hens. I feel so spoiled receiving fresh eggs to bake with. Growing up, our parents had chickens and my job was to feed the chickens, retrieve the eggs, and clean them every morning before school. Cleaning chicken eggs can so damage how a child looks at an egg for years to come.

The apple brandy was added to the recipe for the fun of it. I very rarely pop the cork on this bottle and get excited every time I have a chance to use the brandy. The main reason for this is because I had a hard time finding a quality apple brandy in the first place and the recipe calling for it only required about 1/4 cup.

Dorie has done it again! The apple spice bars are truly a comfort food to be made and enjoyed over and over again. To see my fellow TWD bakers in action with unique ideas and twists, click on this link =D~!

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