Thursday, August 20, 2009

♥ Equator Prom Night 2009

Friday, 14th August 2009.
went to Equator Academy of Art Prom Night!!
since i am a guest or an outsider to the school, i have to buy a ticket for RM80 (Rp.240rb)
it was held at The G Hotel, which is a 5 star hotel in Penang. it was suppose to be held by the pool, it was all set & i even had a few sodas for starter until it rained that the party has to move to the ballroom.
the buffee was nice but i wasn't feeling well that night so i didn't take much food.

apparently, Hney hahaa (My Boyfriend) was chosen to be one of the candidate of the Prom King.
he was the candidate no.1
he had to perform some talent in order to compete.
he could have chosen football freestyle which i think is so cool but he chose to sing & play guitar instead.
he performed 'Last Request by Paulo Nutini'.
that night he was soo nervous that he was out of tunes for a little bit, but it's all good.. at least he had fun. :]
he didn't win though. :[

i'd post his video performing the songs later okkkk...............

now here's some pics from the night..
sorry because the pics are blurred & lack of quality.
i only took it with my E71 because we were so busy that we forgot to take a formal pictures.

(Floral Corset : TOPSHOP)
(Wavy Black Skirt : Thai University Uniform)
(Thong Heels : VnC)
(Red Classic Flap Bag : Chanel)
(Accessories : JJ Market, Bangkok)

as for what i wore, the theme was FLORAL & it was suppose to be the party by the pool that's why i didn't wear any long formal dress.
i decided to go casual because it was a casual prom night.

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