Monday, August 24, 2009

♥ ♫ ARCTIC MONKEYS new album, Humbug.

The King Band of Indie.. Arctic Monkeys new album is officially released TODAY. August 24th 2009.

me & my bf are their HUGE fans.
my bf ordered their original CD straight from their official website & will be imported from Europe!
i can't wait.. but the package have not come yet until now. huhuu :[

well the album is Co-Produced by Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) & said to be inspired by the albums of Black Sabbath.
so it should & suppose to be good.

as for my personal review as a BIG fan, i think this album is not as 'kicking' as their last 2 album.
maybe i'm just not used to the new songs yet or i'm not used to their new exploration either.
although, it's not a dissapointment at all.
AM is still AM with their genius thoughts of music.

for those of you that have not heard their music at all, i strongly recommend you to listen!
they are totally awesome!

RECOMMENDATION TRACK : Crying Lightning, Secret Door.

Jadi, menurut kalian??
Any Thoughts??

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