Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ilana‏ @ I Model Management (Canada)

it is the beginning of a new week and it is time to show my newest favourite. I needed correctly 5 seconds and my impression was, a wonderful girl, she is a kind of this girls which are interesting and beautiful. Not a classical beauty, more a special beauty, very unique, simply perfect. Ilana has a great face shape, big blue eyes with a potential without an end. A gaze, what fresh, dramatic, and playful is. It is unbelieveable and uncanny. I just received her newest test pictures. Ilana has a great feeling in front of the camera and this, she shows in every picture. It is only a question of the time, what will happening next. She has a height of 173m and is 18 years old. Ilona was scouted by I Model Management in Toronto, she is a canadian stunner.

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