Friday, July 31, 2009

♥ Happy Anniversary ♥

hiii all i am back again.
sorry for the lack of the post, i have been really busy. xD

so yesterday was my anniversary with my BF. heheee. i am so very happy!.
it's actually our 4 years anniversary but i count it as our first anniversary.

well, the first year we dated, we were in highschool in China, we both have totally forgotten when was the exact date we got together. so we never celebrated it.
the next 2 years, i had to moved to Indonesia & we suffered with the long distance relationship.
on the 3rd year, i finally moved to malaysia to study & to be together with him again.
we made a pact that we would meet again in malaysia since malaysia it's the closest country from Indonesia & Thailand where he came from.
on this 3rd year, he officially asked me again to be his GF although we never really did broke up.
i said YES.
it was on the 31st July 2008.
now we have the exact date to celebrate it. hahaa.

the sad part is that he was away on our anniversary.
he was in Thailand doing his off-college days.
1 minute after midnight to 31st July, we were on the phone & just talked.
i thought it was just as far as how it goes. but it wasn't. hehee.

on 21.50, somebody was at my door.
it was a delivery guy, he delivered me a BIG bucket of pink roses (my fav color) along with a teddy bear, chocolates, & glitters love shaped.
the letter says ..

"To: Risya Ayu Destyana

Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.
Happy Anniversary.

Sincerely, Stinkyfeet."

baldie is my nickname from him because i used to have a hair-fall problems so he used to mocked me that i would be bald someday. hahaa.
stinkyfeet is his nickname from him because he has a stinky feet. hahahahaa.

i cried that night.
he's such a sweet boyfriend. i'm such a lucky girl. he's the best BF a girl could ever have.

" Happy Anniversary, hney.

May our love stay pure in eternity & may our life would be blessed everyday.
Thank you for being such a good husband.

Being with you are the most happiest time in my entire life.

I love you forever.

♥ Risya."

your well wishes for us would be much appreciated. :) ♥♥

background song:
Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional
(our song)

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