Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elle Italy Goes Multi Model

Have We Lost True Originality? Elle Italy Goes Multi Model

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"I Volti Nuovi Della Moda: "The New Faces Of Fashion"

As US Vogue did for the May cover, Elle Italy has gone multi-models and actually used more newer faces, for their Aug 09, foldout, cover. [Via]

Though, Elle decided to take the fun route (not as exciting and too much Benetton for my taste), instead of the more glamorous, that Meisel did with US Vogue.

It featured models Cecile Sinclair, Jessica, Vika, Juju, Yulia, Kate, and Carol, as shot by Alexei Hay.

Now if I was the photographer, I would really do NEW faces. These girls were discovered at least 1 to 2 years ago. So the idea of new is subjective.

How about, Dear Magazines, we do a cover with girls that are truly new, say discovered within the past month?. Say a Polaroid cover? With No make up? Capturing their initial excitement into fashion? Even no styling? Or their own style, pre-fashion world effect on them? You get my drift?

Be F original.

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