Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Quick Catch-up with Denise Richards

Denise Richards isn' just a FABulous Hollywood star - she is an amazing icon as a Mother too. Not only is she a successful woman raising her 2 beautiful girls as a single mom but she does it all - with a new book on it's way, launching a hair care line and a scripted show - Denise truly does do it all! We should really take notes. 

Read on to see how she manages it all, tips she has a Mom, how she stays looking so FABulous and her brilliant New Years Resolution. 

Credit: Startracks

{1} Since we last spoke over the Summer, what is new?

I'm working really hard to finish my book, out April 19, launching my haircare line, and a pilot season so I'm focusing on looking for a scripted show!

{2} We are really missing you on TV - any chance you will return soon?

I would love to return to tv, I love it.

{3} You always look so great! Do you have a fitness regimen?

Pilates, and dance! My pilates instructor came up with this fabulous floor routine that we do before every workout. It makes a difference.

Credit: Startracks
{4} What can we find in your make-up bag?

Armani foundation, Tarte and Dior lipgloss , Cle de Peau concealer, Bare Essentials mascara, Obsessive Compulsive eye shadow and YSL blush.

{5} You are a super-hero Mom with all you have been through over the years. What tips do you have for Mothers who are managing it all?

Try to not do it all perfectly. I focus on a more harmonious home instead of balanced.

{6} And we have to ask - whenever we see your girls they have the cutest outfits on & bows in their hair. Where do you shop for them?

I shop at MFedric, and my girls love going to Target.

{7} You always looks so fabulous yourself! What is your go-to outfit for the day and go-to outfit when heading out for the evening?

My go-to outfit when its chilly is leggings, boots, and a great jacket. Evening - I love to wear dresses and a fab pair of heels!

{8} Did you make a New Year's resolution for 2011?

I did! once a week..I turn my phone off!

Denise is pretty amazing right? We just adore her. Stay up-to-date with all things Denise by following her on Twitter.

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