Wednesday, April 14, 2010

♛ I need HELP from you, someone's been FAKING me

someone's been FAKING my facebook profile & STEALING my pictures!!
& do says inapropriate things. she even have thousands of friends in there!!
I mean wt*?! why would someone do that? I'm so pissed & LOL'ing in the same time.
how lamee~~~ did any of you have experienced this?? 

I messaged her in Facebook &  I asked her to remove my pictures from her profile but she never replied anymore.

some snapshots (CLICK to ENLARGE them~~)

let's just hope this is the only fake profile & the only person that steals my pictures!!

soo, I need help from you to spare sometime & actually help me REPORT that fake profile so it'll be taken down.
let's erase faker!!


1. Go to the fake profile (search: Chiquitha Gudist) or (
On the bottom left of the page there's a link that says "Report/Block this Person". Click that.

 2. Tick the "Report this Person", there'll be options coming out under that and..
choose, with the Reason of "Fake Profile",
choose, with the Report Type of "Impersonating Me or Someone Else",
& then type my real facebook link 
( on the Impersonated Profile box.
so the Facebook can review them with my link as the proof that I am the orginal^^

if this still not working out,
>> We can also terrorize her by spamming her facebook by saying "FAKERS FAKERS FAKERS FAKERS"
>> Also, by reporting every pictures of me on her fake facebook

Thank you so much for helping me out^^ Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a true blog friend~~ ♥♥

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