Monday, April 26, 2010

♥ Hair Conditioner Reviews & My Comparison on L'oreal, Dove, & Asience ♥

as promised, I will now tell my experience of different hair conditioners that I have tried recently~

1. Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense Cream Conditioner (for Frizzy, Dry and Rebellious Hair)
2. Dove Therapy Conditioner (for Dry, Rough, Frizzy Hair)
3.Asience Inner Rich Conditioner (for Normal to Dry, Damaged Hair, and Prone to Breakage Hair)

My Hair
My hair is damaged. They're very dry & frizzy because I curled them twice this year.
I also dye my hair quite a lot and don't go for regular trimming, treatment, or creambath.
I took my hair for granted because of my lazyness *:(
but now I promise to take more care of them^^
as you can see here how dry & frizzy my hair are.
and you can see the difference my of color of my hair.
I need to re-dye them, I know!

kay, first..
Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Cream Conditioner
for Frizzy, Dry and rebellious Hair
(Nourishes, Calms, Smoothes Silky, Sleek, Manageable Result)

Color: Pale Yellow Orange-ish
Consistency: Rich and Creamy
Scent: Smells really good. Medium strong.
Place Bought: Watsons in Bangkok
Country of Origin: Paris

Product Description:
For the 1st time, L'Oréal Laboratories have combined its patented ingredient Nutrileum®, a combination of a nutritive micro-oil and a smoothing agent, with Silk Protein, known for its smoothness and thermo-resistance, to deliver a double action:
1. Intense nutrition: hair is nourished and calmed from root to tip, for an easy and homogeneous   smoothness.
2. 48H protection: hair is protected against the effects of humid or dry condition.
Proven results: hair 4 times smoother Anti-frizz 48H, hair is silky, brilliant, sleek and manageable.
They rinses off easily & my hair feels so smooth when rinsing them off
They moisture my hair nicely
Not much hair fall
✔ Not oily or greasy afterward
Smells good with long-lasting fragrance. My hair still smells good up to 2 days!
✔ My hair is quite long but I don't need to squirts much to condition them all over my hair
✔ Manages my hair on humid days
✔ A relatively good and really does smoothen my hair gives that softness easy to manage

✘ Feels very smooth but doesn't lasts long. In 24hour the smoothering effect will wear off and my hair will start to feel frizzy again
✘ A bit too rich formula for frequent use
✘ Pricey

Will I Repurchase? 
Yes although I might reconsider because it's quite pricey

Dove Therapy
Dry Therapy Conditioner for Dry, Rough, Frizzy Hair
with Advanced Moisturising Serum
350 ml

Color: Pale White
Consistency: Not too rich nor runny
Scent: Smells really good. Not as strong buy pretty enough
Place Bought: Watsons in Penang
Country of Origin: ---?

Product Description:
Solution: Dry Therapy System
1. Contains Advanced Moisturising Serum made up of millions of micro particles
2. Repairs and moisturises dry hair by replenishing lost moisture even at the driest tips
3. Leaves hair so soft and smooth that is irresistible to touch
Diagnosis and Solution: Dry, Rough, frizzy hair due to daily moisture loss
✔ Rinses off easily and feels smoothly good when rinsing off
✔ Mild formula for frequent use
✔ Has a pleasant delicate fragrance 
✔ Nourished and shine my hair nicely. Makes my hair manageable too.
✔ Affordable

✘ Somewhat feels greasy afterward
Needs a little bit more amount of squirts to covered my hair compare to my other conditioners
✘ The smells doesn't lasts long which could probably be a good thing in the same time because it's a soft delicate fragrance not a strong one

Will I Repurchase? 
Yes. They're affordable & can be quite rely on.

Asience Inner Rich Conditioner
Made for Asian Hair
For Normal to Dry, Frizzy, Damaged Hair, and Hair that is prone to Breakage
220 ml
Color: Pale White
Consistency: Rich
Scent: smells really good. strong.
Place Bought: Watsons, Penang
Country of Origin: Japan

Product Description:
Enriched with Royal Jelly Extract (Moisturise) that penetrates into the inner fibre to soften and restrore the hair while strengthening it from the core, keeping it smooth and supple to the ends
Japan's Advanced M-18 Hair Beautifying Technology
Restores, replenishes and nourishes the hair's natural protective coat, 18-MEA brings hair back to its orginal lustruous condition from within.
Asian Energy Essence Natural Precious Ingeridients
- Pearl Protein (Repair)
- Camellia Oil and Ginseng Extract (Moisturise)
- Shell Ginger Extract (Soften)
- Aloe Extract (Protect)

✔ Rinse smoothly after conditioning
✔ Only need a small amount of squirts to covered my whole hair
✔ Smells really good although some people find it quite strong but I don't mind..
✔ The smells lasts long!! up to 2 days!
✔ Moisture strongly, feels so soft afterwards without feeling greasy or oily at all 
✔ Not much hair fall
✔ Softness easy-to-manage, I can comb my hair easier now
✔ I don't feel the need of washing my hair as often anymore because the moisturizer doesn't wear off easily & the smells lasts long
✔ Quite Affordable 

✘so far none. but I will update if there are changes

Will I Repurchase?
Definitely Yes. I love this product. I'm planning to buy the shampoo too to see if both conditioner & shampoo will improve my hair

>> Overall <<
The 3 conditioner I have reviewed above are not bad at all.
Each hair have different needs so what works for me doesn't always mean will works for you.
My rank order choice will be the Asience, L'oreal, & then Dove.
I've been using these products for as long as few months each except for the Asience which I only have been using for a week.
But if there's any updates of more progress-regress or improvement-unimprovement I will definitely tell youu & update you^^ ♥♥

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