Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Affordable World Travel Destinations

Some Affordable World Travel Destinations

As we all are well aware that traveling is a passion among people toady and tourism is a big earning industry.Many thousands of travelers travel each year to various place and destinations.But it is not that easy.Not all can afford traveling around the globe.But what you really can do is the proper planning of it.For example choose the travel destinations that are both exotic and affordable.In this article we are discussing about travel destinations that are recommended by travel consolidators and at the same time are served by numerous airlines.There is a lot of competition for customers that is why many travel deals and packages are announced along with discounts and last minute travel deals.

London in Europe:

You can choose from many flights for going to London.Flying London is cheaper than flying to any other remote destination.To stay in London is comparatively expensive than other destinations of Europe but the biggest advantage of going there is that you can get endless choices in hotels,restaurants, transportation, tours, and other travel essentials.The best option is to make London your staying place and visit other exotic locations.Buying a Euro rail pass,and visiting all remote places can easily save you all the expenses that you would have to spend in flying there.

Playa del Carmen,Mexico:

You can go to this place via flights to Cancun.Here you could face no problem regarding lodging.There are a lot of choices from expansive luxury resorts on the ocean to neat and clean hotels downtown.There are many historical places near to Playa that you can visit like Tulum Ruins and others along the Mayan Riviera.Or you can hire a ferry across the island of Cozumel where you can find many attractions.

Tioman Island:

This Asian island is located in Malaysia,at the southern end of the east coast of Malaysia,on the South China Sea.This place is quite stunning and attracts many sun lovers,divers and snorkelers each year.There are lush green jungles on the beaches and gigantic mountains adds more to its beauty.There are many beaches on the island where you can shop on highly affordable prices.English language is spoken there so you would not have that problem too.If you want to live on the ocean side then a two night lodging package for a suite can be got around 100 US dollars.To reach on this island you would have to spend two hours in a ferry.But this two hours journey is really interesting because if you are lucky enough,you can get to see dolphins in the water.

Buenos Aires,Argentina:
Though it is not considered among the best and the most inspiring travel destinations of South America but this city has some thing special and all should visit this place at least once in their lives.On the other hand,the rates of this place are also quite affordable.La Boca is another city where you can go and enjoy street performers, shops, and unique street architecture is a big tourist draw.

Las Vegas:

This is a really affordable North American destination that is really a must watch.Many people that visit it once come again and again to enjoy gaming,art,casinos and shows.Las Vegas is known for having really affordable vacation packages with hotels and resorts that come with really discount rates for rooms,meals and gaming tables.

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