Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Happy

I've mentioned before how exciting I find it to chose my Christmas gift wrap "theme" each year; I love when holiday papers make their debut each fall! I typically whittle down the list of contenders until I have decided on my color scheme, but some years, all it takes is just one wrapping paper. I'll fall in love, and it is all over; no other contenders even exist from that point forward.

Two years ago, I went with a red and white theme for my gift wrap, and I threw in some apple green accents; I loved how cheerful the packages looked under the tree.

While I like to go with different themes each year, and even though it was a theme I chose not that long ago, I am finding myself drawn to the red and white color scheme again this year.

And I must admit, I still have some wrapping paper left over from that Christmas, so, in this time of economic-woe, it probably doesn't hurt to be a little thrifty; I'll probably stick to only red and white this time (no apple green in the mix.) I'll add some new ribbons, tags, and other packages accessories, and the look should be as good as new.

*And, of course, I heart this and would love to throw it in the mix...yet because I have an insane amount of the brown and white version left over from my wedding, I am not sure I can justify purchasing more just yet...

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