Thursday, December 11, 2008

Candy Cane Lane

It has been far too long since I've done a Three Elements post, so I thought today would be a great time to incorporate one as I continue with the red and white streak.

For the first board, I envisioned a bride who runs traditional in her tastes and who loves the romance of winter and the holidays. She would want her wedding at a quaint country inn, from where she and her husband would make a sleigh-ride getaway. She loves the combination of red and white for the holidays, but she especially loves red, a color that speaks to her of romance. She would even indulge in a second dress for her reception, a dramatic red gown that she envisions wearing in the years to come.

In the second inspiration board, this bride loves the holidays equally as much, but she has a more modern sensibility. Her wedding would take place in a white-washed city loft, and she would want her color palette to follow suit; since she loves red and white at the holidays, this bride would incorporate small touches of red into her wedding day, while keeping white as the predominant hue.

The three elements incorporated this week are:

Traditional Holiday Romance
Row 1: Elizabeth Messina via The Bride's Cafe, Gentl & Hyers, Bailey44 via Revolve Clothing, ara133 photography
Row 2: Brides, Carrie Patterson Photography, Rosa Clara
Row 3: J.Crew, Brides, Eden Ink's flickr
Row 4: Martha Stewart, Julia Russell-
The Designer's Co-op

Modern Holiday Love
Row 1: Michele M. Waite, Alison Events via The Bride's Cafe, Julie & Adam- Our Labor of Love
Row 2: Elizabeth Messina via The Bride's Cafe, Artfool, Anna Be via Style Me Pretty, Gentl & Hyers
Row 3: Our Labor of Love, Lucas Allen, J.Crew
Row 4: Cannelle et Vanille, Eden Ink's flickr,
cotton idea studio

*Had some computer problems yesterday, so this is a bit belated Wedding Wednesday post!

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