Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beat Costa Rica, Colombia Lead Group A

In the first 23 minutes, three Costa Rican players received yellow cards.

Colombia initiate steps in the Copa America with victory. Face Costa Rica on Saturday, July 2, 2011, Colombia won 1-0.

Costa Rica appear in the style of 'hard'. In the first 23 minutes, three players received yellow cards.

Even in minute 27 they already have lost one player. Randall Brenes got a red card after roughing Luis Perea.

Goals mere puppet in this game comes in first half injury time. Getting feedback from Guarin mature, able to deceive the goalkeeper Adrian Ramos Costa Rica and change the score to 1-0. This score lasted until the game was over.

With this result Colombia topped the standings in Group A. Argentina and Bolivia are the day before playing the series was ranked second and third.

"Start a fight with a victory is always a huge confidence boost. We successfully execute the strategy and secure the three points," said Ramos. (Goal)

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