Thursday, December 23, 2010


Every Christmas Day is very special for us Filipinos. It is a time for fun, gift-giving, merry making, pictures and a whole lot more - in short celebration. And while we are on the spirit of celebration, a good way for me to finish the year on a high note is have a new phone as a Christmas present (after all, I am using an old Nokia unit).  And my Christmas wish this year?  - a Nokia C7.

Why do i need a Nokia C7? I find interest in almost all things from politics, music, travel and pictures. And the Nokia C7 is one hot item that can do relatively all of the stuff I am into. Like my blog as well, Nokia C7 is a catch-all phone. Aside from the normal texts and calls which I do to a whole bunch of people I love so dearly, I can do other things with it. Take for example the 8 megapixels camera which can capture all the moments of my life from travels, simple headshots and pics of my family and friends. Its cam alone could parallel that of digicams in the market. If proof is needed for my love of pictures, just visit my Facebook account and you'll see. And since I love to interact socially, it is a big plus for the C7 to be able to connect to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Now, everyone would know where I am and what I have been doing. (artista?) And wow, the 8GB internal memory which can be supplemented by a microSD of up to 32 GB is just so much to put in my favorite songs and videos. And of course its sleek design is pretty much like me, sleek, fashionable and just amazingly nice. Now, who would not want a gadget like that?

Okay, I don't want to sound desperate but a C7 as a Christmas gift would really be wonderful. I hope Santa Nuffnang would hear my wish. =)

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