Friday, December 31, 2010


My career has comprised mostly of work in P&G. In here, I got to establish real good ties with true people – people I consider friends even up to today. To my lunch buddies – original and additions, I would like to say thanks. Though 2010 has not been too much of meetings, you will forever remain etched in my hearts. I love you all.

Ate Jen – a picture of great composure and intellect, you serve as a mother, sister and girl friend all in one. You are certainly the light of the group. For most of the times we are together, you always keep us all tight. I miss you Ate. Your words of advice are always acknowledged. It is an honor to be your friend.

Junnel – ever reliable. You are one of those few people you can call whenever you need someone to talk to. Not a single moment with you is boring and you always crack up those jokes even how corny they were. Truly a gentleman and a kind fellow, thanks for the friendship.

Toni – one of the few people I really had great times with. You age with grace and poise. It is innate in you to find kindness in one’s heart. I miss your company and am truly thankful for everything that we have shared.

Derek – when it comes with deep conversations, I can count on you. There is value on every word you utter and it is a great pleasure to be friends with someone as intellectual as you are. Brave and courageous yet nimble and fragile in some ways. A true persona of a true human being.

Geno – silent yet sincere. You are the group’s biggest mystery but you have always stayed with us. We can always count on you when we go out and you are really honest and nice in a lot of ways. Thanks for the friendship.

Frytz – beauty, brains and heart all combined. I miss our talks about sweet nothings and the randomness of things. You are a funny lady and a very beautiful one at that. When we meet again, hope to continue the great friendship.

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