Thursday, December 30, 2010

cupcakeMAG gets crafty with The Crafting Chicks!

Oh, The Crafting Chicks. How much we adore them? When we came across the site via Ana White it was immediately love at first "site". It is an endless place to get crafty! We could go on and on but we will let this interview and our favorite little things from their site speak for themselves!
                                                                                        {yes, you can make this beautiful kitchen here}
{click here to learn how to make the perfect Quiet Book}
                                            {Fun & Festive Candle Decor here}
Read our sit down with one of the fab crafting chicks, Kirsten Wright!

1.) What inspired The Crafting Chicks?

Three years ago, Crafting Chicks Becky and Jamie were looking for a central location to share their crafty ideas.  Then and there, The Crafting Chicks "hatched", ha ha.  Along the way, the four other crafters gathered together to complete the six-person team we have today.  We all weave creating into every part of our lives, because it's what we love, and we get to share it now with our ideas with our many friends on the Internet.

2.) Do you each have a favorite craft you have shared? If so which one and why?

I think Jamie's would have to be her quiet books that have received quite a bit of attention.  Kirsten's would have to be Quincie's play kitchen.  Brooke's, her hutch makeover, which is literally to die for.  Nikalla's would be her silhouettes.  Becky even announced she was pregnant through Nikkala's sillhouette tutorial, that would have to be her favorite.  Jen's favorite is her Happy Board.  I think for each of us, they are our favorites because we really took a lot of time and creative energy to come up with something we could be proud of.  It makes it really fun when our projects receive a lot of attention, which all of our favorites have.  This is definitely the icing on the cake.  We have been lucky enough to have some of these favorites featured on popular sites like and, a branch of Apartment Therapy.

3.) Besides your amazing site - what other sites do you all read or constantly stay up on?

We love the sites:, Martha Stewart of course, Apartment Therapy,, Eighteen25,, My Computer is My Canvas,, and any others that catch our eye on any particular day.

4.) When you aren't crafting what can we find you doing?

We have 21 1/2 kids between the six of us, so MOST of our time you would find each of us taking care of our families which we all know is more than a full-time position in itself.  When we have spare time other than that, you could find some of us playing sports like soccer, playing the piano, cleaning crap off our kitchen floors, ya know, the regular. 

5.) The kitchen and quiet books on your site are just...well, we are speechless! How do you come up with such wonderful and crafty ideas? 

For most of us, we will see an idea somewhere and think, "I can make that, for cheaper, personalized, and cuter."  There are so many things in my house that I want to do or make and I 99% of the time, I plan on making it myself.  I could be busy from now until the end of time thinking up fun projects I would like to have finished.

6.) What are things you should always have when starting your first craft area or space?

Mod Podge, A good table, and back up plans for when your project doesn't turn out how you would like it too. I know for most of us, it's really important to have things up that inspire us:  quotes, pictures, etc.  I don't think any of us have our dream craft rooms yet, one day.

7.) Favorite places to find everything you need to make your ideas come to life? Stores, sites, etc. 

Thrift stores for things we can re-make, and we love Hobby Lobby and local craft stores.  Most of the time, we use craft supplies we already have.  This way, we save money and use that things we knew we needed to have at one point.

See, don't you just LOVE them? We hope to have opened your eyes to a new site to add to your favorites! 

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