Sunday, March 28, 2010

♥ Mexican Beef Tacos~~ ♥

hi hi hii^^
hufft it's been a week since I posted or even blogwalking around. :(
I guess I missed a lot this week.. hahaa.
I've been busy with uni's & tasks.. etcetera~~ boring stuffs!

sooo the only fun thing I did this recent week was probaby the time when I'm cooking~~
I love eating & I love cooking^^ !!
well, I'm still in a process of learning, not a skillful master chef yet. lol.
most of the food I cook are Indonesian Food, but I'd loveee to learn other recipes as well such japanese food, korean food, mexican food, italian food, etc. yumm yuumm~~

so this week I attempt to cook some mexican tacos^^ hahaa.
I figured it should be easy for a beginner like me.
here's the attempt..

- stir-fry the mince meat & onions in approriate portions
- stir-fry them until the mince meat slightly cooked

- drained off the oils, then stir-fry them again. this time add 1/4 cup of water
- add the taco spice mix powder, salts, cutted chillies & stir-fry until they cooked and the water reduces

- prepare them on the plate. this is the finish result of the mince meat^^


- prepared the taco shell. the left pic is the soft shell, the right one is the crispy shell. I prefer the soft one though
- heat them with the microwave or oven. heat for 5 minutes or until hot, but not browned

- prepared the fillings & the dip
* sliced tomatoes
* sliced lettuce
* sliced fresh onions
* cheese
* sour cream dip
* guacamole dip

& then add the beef and style them with your own taste^^
this is my taco style.. hehee~ fresh veggies, lots of fresh onions, more dips, & beef!!

stay tuned for more of my cooking attempt^^ ♥♥

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