Wednesday, March 31, 2010

♥ Award & I won both Giveaway from Ruby Rouge Jewelry & Chewlry Jewelry ♥

such a beautiful great day for me.
first of all I'd like to say HUGEEE thanks for all of you that have been reading my posts & actually show some love by giving comments!
it means a lot to mee^^ so thanks!

also HUGEE thanks too all of my followers. new & old one, you guys are the coolest!^^
thankss so much for sharing some love!
as for the new followers, I'm sorry if I didn't followed you back yet but I promise I'll get around to it asap.
as like, seconds after I post this blog^^

I also would like to share some good great news!!
I have been notified that I won 2 f the great great fab giveaways!!

first, is from the Ruby Rouge Jewelry Giveaway 
I won this fabb 'Birdy On The Branch Necklace' piece..
pls check out her Etsy shop to see more of her fabb jewelry design! >> Link.

so this is my gift~~^^ cuteee huh?! heck yeah it is!! 

here are some more of her other fab design~~
loving this Alice in Wonderland inspire key necklace. it says 'drink me' too! how pretty!!

this one is my absolute fav, the 'Gold Tree Necklace with Pink Rose'

thanks again to Sarah (the owner)^^ looking forward for the necklace to arrives!! soo excitedd!!


second giveaway that I won is from the Chewlry Jewelry Giveaway
the giveaway was arranged on Fire and Ice blog. go check out this blog too if you haven't already they're bunchss of giveaways there!!^^
I won the Chain Gang Necklace which are, like.. one of the coolest necklace ever~~
pls go check her Etsy shop to see moree design of the pretty jewelries~~ >> Link.

soo, this is what I won. such a cool necklace huhhh! of course^^

& here are some of the other pretty things from her Etsy shop~
 the 'Simplement Paris Necklace'.. ohh so chic & fabs of the Eiffel Tower charm!

 now, this one is my fav.. the 'Belly Up Necklace'. soo cutee, look at the skulls!^^

I'd like to say huge thanks for Chewlry & Fire and Ice that makes this possible. soo happy^^ will be waiting till they arrives~

then, still good news, I got 2 award!!

first, is from the pretty Vanessa~
thanks soo muchhh yyahh~~ you're soo sweet for tagging me this..
it's the 'Sweet Blog Award'. aww we're all sweet afteral!!^^

The Meaning :
Sweet Blog Award is an award for blog or web which you think so friendly and make you enjoy to visit it often.
Homework for Dearest Friends :
Make a post about this award, the picture, the one who gave you, including his or her link. Send this award to 10 of your friends. Don't forget to visit them and tell them about this award. Copy this post from 'start copy from here' until 'end here'.

okk, so I'm definetely tagging this 10 sweet blogs~ hehee.. & anybody else who wants to take it-- pls take it!! you know you deserve it..

1. Makeupgeisha (lani)
10.  Joanna
then the 2nd award would be the 2nd time I got it too~~ but anyway I'm still excited to have been tagged for it. hehee~
it's from Makeup by Kaylena.
she's soo pretty, check out her blog to see beauty tips^^ thanks for tagging me this, Kaylena!~~

it's the I ♥ Your Blog Award. I'm tagging this to anybody who think they deserve itt~~ go aheadd it's youu!! ^^

soo that's it updates for today. thanks for readingg^^ ♥♥

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