Tuesday, March 23, 2010

♥ Happy Birthday to My Mom ♥

23rd March 2010
My Dad's Birthday was just last week, & now my Mom's turn^^ hehee~
Happy Birthday to my lovely Mom. My bestest mama!
You've been a very good friend of me in every conditions.
You were there in sickness and in health.
You were there in happiness and in troubles.
You were there everytime and you are yet still here.
So I thank you for being the greatest parent in the whole world~~

and a very Happy Birthday to youu~~
Selamat Ulang Tahun ya mahh..
I wish you Health, Strong, Peace, and Happiness. AMIN.
I miss you soo muchh, I'm looking forward going home to meet you and the family.
I hope you're having a blastin day. 
Stay Pretty!

once, again
Happy Birthday Mama!

I Love You, always!!

 with me. eating Vietnamese food. it's her fav food!^^

 with my sist, posing @ the parking lot. LOL. so random xD

with my Papa~~

my beautiful Mama^^ oh well everybody says she looks prettier than me, they're probably right. LOL.

love.love ♥♥

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