Sunday, February 21, 2010

♥ I won Vonvon's Giveaway and also won Noriki & Drey Giveaway ♥

 I was in a week holiday in Thailand to watch TIESTO, one of my favorite DJ. :)
 I barely have internet connections when I was away & I was a bit worried because I joined some really awesome giveaways & I wanted to know if I won or not.

but when I got back, guess what.. I WON 2 OF THE GIVEAWAY.
I'm luckyy^^

the 1st won is the ..

 (SKIN MD Natural Shielding Lotion & some samples, including a sample of the formula with SPF)

 (cuteeee pretty Ruby-Hearts earrings from the Collections of Drey Jewelry)

now I'm counting down till the day I will receive my prize through the post. :) can't waitt hehee^^
i'm soo looking forward to get those packages.~~~
I will do review about this as soon as I get the prizes. & pls do check their awesome blog too.
they're cool^^ ♥♥

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