Monday, November 29, 2010

Paris 2010 - Jaguar C-X75 Concept

Here's another feather for Jay Leno's cap. The Tonight Show host can officially say that he is one of only a handful of drivers to have slipped their way behind the wheel of the amazing Jaguar C-X75 concept from this year's Paris Motor Show. Penned by design guru Ian Callum, the supercar is as sexy as it is advanced. The vehicle gets its power from a quartet of electric motors that are good for 195 horsepower each. Throw in two small turbine engines for generating power and you've got one very unconventional extended-range hybrid.

The C-X75 was designed to celebrate the Leaping Cat's diamond anniversary, and as such, the company pulled all the stops. With a design that pulls from the most successful points in Jaguar history, the car is nothing short of gorgeous. Will it make it to production? We're not sure, but for the moment, you can hit the jump to watch Leno take it all in – and don't forget to watch for an appearance by Callum, too.

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