Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Sweet Escape

The past few days have been punctuated with a grey, dreary drizzle, and this home in the Bahamas by Tom Scheerer looks like the most perfect place to escape. It seems to have all the necessary elements for a relaxing getaway...

A charming backyard in which to linger over a meal and a bottle of wine with friends.

A lovely fireplace by which to warm yourself should the night air get chilly.

In the morning, you will have a plethora of straw hats and towels to choose from on your way to the beach.

When you return to the house in the afternoon, you can toss your iPod and keys on the console.

In the living room, you can finish another chapter in your book before heading upstairs to the bedroom.

A most perfect place to take a nap.

Once you are rested, you can grab clothes out of the dresser,

And head into the bathroom, to soak in the tub as you prepare for your evening company to arrive again.

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