Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some thank you's for awards

I've been so fortunate to have made such wonderful blogging friends! And the best part about it is that I keep making more friends every day! I love this wonderful, crafty world I'm so lucky to be a part of! Here are some awards I've been issued!

This award came from the VERY talented and creative Lillie! I first became acquainted with Lillie's amazing work over on the Cricut MB. Thank you Lillie for thinking of me!! Your work is amazing!

This award came from one of my new blogging friends, Joey! She does such awesome work! I love visiting her blog, so do yourself a favor and go take a peek! I promise you won't be disappointed! Thanks so much Joey for thinking of me!

This award came from my friend and DT sister, the very talented Michelle. We've been blogging friends for a long time, and she does such beautiful work! Gosh, I think I first met Michelle in a card club we were in over on the Cricut MB however many years ago! Thanks so much Michelle!

And this is from a brand new friend Stephanie! Thank you so much Stephanie for thinking of me for this! I'm very honored you thought of me for this award!

I have also been tagged by both my wonderful friend and fellow DT sister Carol, and the fabulously talented Terrie B. I think Carol was one of my very first blogging friends. Wow, that seems like it was ages ago! Pop over to Carol's blog and check out her wonderful work! And I do believe I have been following Ms Terrie's blog since pretty much day one as well! She does awesome work and I always love visiting her blog every day to see what she's got going on! These two talented ladies tagged me to go into my pictures, go to the 6th folder and the 6 picture in that folder. Then I'm supposed to post it and explain the pic. So here I go! LOL!
LOL! Anyone that has little ones around, know the very popular words "take MY picture, Grandma!!" Well, that's exactly what this was. My Grandson Christopher asked me to take his picture while he made a funny face.
Thanks to all of you for tagging me and issuing me awards! They are very much appreciated as is your friendships! Hope you're having a wonderful day!!! HUGS!

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