Monday, January 19, 2009

Up and Down

When I was younger, we had a small amusement park in the city where I lived. It wasn't really much in the world of massive amusement parks, but it had enough to win my heart.

There was a water park, complete with a wave pool, slides, and a lazy river that were perfect on a hot summer day. When you tired of the water, there were also all the best carnival-style rides, including bumper cars, an old wooden roller coaster, and, what I thought was the hand's down best, a ferris wheel.

Alicia Bock Photography

Although were I to visit now, I would surely be shocked to see its real size, when I was little, the ferris wheel seemed to soar endlessly into the sky. I loved the vantage point at the very top, from where it seemed I could see for miles, and I always secretly wished to be stopped there when passengers were loaded and unloaded below. It was surely the best seat in the house.

I still feel a fondness for ferris wheels, although I can't tell you the last time I rode one, and I am pretty positive I would still love being "stuck" at the top and taking in the surrounding views.

The Bucks County Frame and Moulding Co.

One thing that is certain is how much I adore these photos from various Etsy shops. I love the soft colors and vintage feel that they all share; they remind me of the magic I felt on those summer days from long ago.

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