Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Song of Sixpence

For my wedding, I have to admit, following the good luck "Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe" adage wasn't my highest priority, although I did give it some thought.

The "something new" was really easy to check off the list, as was the "something blue" (my shoes!) I wish I could say I had some very sweet and sentimental things to meet the old and borrowed requirements, but the rather lame truth is I was satisfied with claiming my engagement ring as my something old (yeah, I'd had it for a whole year and a half.) And the borrowed bit? Well, that I never figured out, although we ended up borrowing extension cords from our neighbor at the last minute...

From The Coin Jeweler (different pair than I gave to E, but the same Etsy shop)

I did plan ahead to incorporate a sixpence into our day, but, instead of wearing one in my shoe, part of my gift to E was a pair of sixpence cufflinks. Since E loves cufflinks, I figured the groom could take part in act of bringing good luck upon the union with his attire.

I do wish I'd put more thought into the old and borrowed part, but I loved my pieces for the other three. Those of you who are married, tell me, did you do anything slightly unconventional to meet any wedding day traditions?

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