Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hatch Design

Here is another example of product design and branding by Hatch, and, once again, I am smitten with their work.

On their website, they had this to say about their branding concept for this client-

"The Michael Austin Winery was started by two long-time friends, whose middle names are "Michael" and "Austin." Rather than pretend Michael Austin actually exists, we invented stories about a character (loosely inspired by the two founders' lives) for each label. "Bad Habit" refers to how the two men met in a catholic high school, "High Flyer" because one of them flies small airplanes, etc."

While I love each label, I think my most favorite is "High Flyer." It probably has something to do with my first "to-do" listed here.

You can read the accompanying stories for each label on Hatch's website, and you should because they are quite entertaining.

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