Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday with Dorie. . .with Dimply Plum Cake

Michelle, thank you for choosing the Dimply Plum Cake out of Dorie Greenspan's cookbook (Baking from my home to yours) on page 41. Michelle, with our group Tuesday with Dorie, has a blog called Bake-en,
and you have just got to go see her dimply plum cake. She even put a glaze on hers and the cake looks bakery fabulous! Great job Michelle!

The plums available to me at the grocery store were gigantic and not overly ripe. I could only fit 2 1/2 plum halves across the batter. In fact, the cake never cooked all the way in the center. I know if the plums had been a lot smaller and a little more ripe, the cake would have been loved by all. As it is, the only part fully baked was the outside edges and the whole top. Underneath was gooey, even after I added on 15 more minutes. The top started to get to dried out so I just gave up. I would like to try this again but use peaches. The overall flavor from the part that is done was tasty =).

The batter definitely looked silky smooth. I didn't veer from the recipe at all. . .which is unusual for me.

My plums are HUGE and not overly ripe. I loved how the batter looked squished between the fruit.

A closer look at my mammoth plums.

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