Friday, September 26, 2008

Fancy Ladies

In 1st grade, I had a "Fancy Ladies" birthday party. My distinguished guests and I were attired in the loveliest frocks from our respective dress-up collections, and we feasted in my family's dining room. If my memory is correct, my parents even served us with their finest china, crystal, and silverware (did they really? what were they thinking?? I am hoping now that they just set the table with "fancy" chargers!)

I had such grand designs for the party, but halfway through dinner, I ended up crying on our steps. When my mom told me I needed to stop crying and rejoin my guests, I replied with the age-old classic, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to..." I then sang a woeful rendition of the chorus. Life is tough at the age of seven.

Oh, and the reason for my tears? Two of my guests were absolutely not acting like "fancy ladies." I did return to the party, and soon my tears were all but forgotten.

Thankfully, I have not found myself crying on my steps during any parties since, although, I have not hosted another "Fancy Ladies" party either! The "Syracuse" dinnerware, by R. Haviland & C. Parlon available at Horchow, makes me believe I would happily take the plunge again.

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