Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It is TWD Blogging Day. . .Hoorayyyy!

Dorie has done it again! That should be a continuous headline. I just love this cooking group TWD! Okay, I altered the recipe. . .but in my defense. . .well, uhmm, I used up all my dried apples when I made homemade granola the other day and totally forgot. Then when I remembered, I did still have time to run and buy some more BUT I got thinking. I know, I just can not leave well enough alone BUT hear me out. . .it is a great excuse, I promise! I have LOTS of different kinds of peach jams. I got peach happy last summer when I went to Eastern Washington and bought over 100 pounds of peaches. You would not believe my peach selection. I wanted to use my peach vanilla jam AND I also already had dried white peaches. The peach vanilla jam was going to be added later. So, this is what happened. I started thinking about what I wanted to spread on these scones after they were baked and worked my way backwards for what I was going to mix in the dough to make this whole thing work. My butter was at room temperature, added to this is a swirl of blackberry honey, and a large dollop of my peach vanilla jam preserves. Mix and spoon into a pretty dish. Now, I have dried white peaches and apple juice and sharp cheddar cheese. The mixture did NOT sound very pleasant to me so I asked hubby if he would go to the store and get me a small container of peach nectar? Would you believe he did? I had NO idea he liked scones. Who would have thunk? Well, that was score one for me because I really didn't feel like running to the store for 1 item. Later, I kind of wished I had gone. My one container of peach nectar took up 3 grocery bags. It seems he got a little sidetracked. . .note to myself: Remember to feed hubby before sending him to the store =).

So now you know, I used the peach nectar, finely chopped, dried white peaches, and sharp cheddar cheese. The texture and the flavor were not only incredible but so addictive! I am absolutely in love with this recipe. . .Okay, okay, I did alter. . .but I kept everything else true to the recipe and I can not wait to make these again! Which I get to do because my Mom and Dad are here from Arizona (Here being Washington state) and I haven't seen them in a long time. I am making these for breakfast Thursday morning. You know, I still have peach nectar left over in the refrigerator and I have NO idea what the heck to do with the rest of it. I'll just make more scones. . .maybe even double the recipe. . .I wonder if that will mess things up? I guess I am about to find out!

Thank you Dorie for all your fantastic recipes in the "Baking From My Home to Yours" cookbook and thank you Karina with The Floured Apron for choosing the recipe for last week's TWD! Awesome. . .High Five! The recipe can be found on page 32 with a terrific picture on page 33. Did I mention that these scones are soooo good? OMG!

The picture did not turn out very focused but I just had to share a picture of my homemade Peach Vanilla Jam =D.

I found these peaches at Trader Joes and they are delicious! Definitely a dried peach product that I will buy again to add to homemade granola.

The recipe calls for finely dicing up 1/2 cup of dried apples (okay these are peaches) to add to the batter later.

These are the Dried Peaches.

I really liked the cornmeal that is added in the scone ingredients. I am having a little trouble with lighting and understanding my flash setting in different situations so my picture is pretty dark. Practice, practice, practice =).

Dorie did say that the dough would be "very sticky" and boy howdy, she wasn't kidding!

Lookie! The dough doesn't even look sticky. Trick photography I tell you! Kidding, actually a floured pie spatula really made transporting from kneading board to parchment covered cookie sheet a breeze.

Do these scones not look absolutely delicious??! Free form and all. I was surprise at how much they spread out but whose complaining, right?

This was heaven! Hubby had 2 immediately because the mixed butter melted over the scones was a amazing! I am so making these again for Mom and Dad. I know I mentioned it earlier but I was really impressed.

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