Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MISS INDONESIA 2011 CONTESTANT - Gadis Chairunnisa

: Gadis Chairunnisa
: January 8, 1992
: 19 Years
: 167 cm
: 53 Kg
: English
Born and raised in Makassar create beautiful virgin birth January 8, 1992. She moved to promote the region of origin in line with the election of girl as Princess of Tourism of South Sulawesi in 2009. Although idolize a basketball player, but the girl is also a hobby of collecting tools makeup since 3 years ago. According to her, Miss Indonesia is an ideal person to represent the Indonesian women completely, that is friendly, courteous, dignified and intelligent. Students of SMK Telkom Makassar SP 2, will make the tourism program that will work with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism if she becomes Miss Indonesia 2011.

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