Monday, April 11, 2011

Reason has a Tattoo

Everyone has different reasons for having a tattoo, anyone wants to look more macho if you have a tattoo, there is also reasonable because of the trend, went along with friends, wish to express yourself, cover up bad skin, and various other reasons. Unlike the eastern states had looked at the tattoo was a bad thing, people who have a tattoo identical with thugs, convicts, criminals. But this time the views of people who have tattoos are different and can be received in the community.

Now many young boys and girls have a good tattoo design, tattoo now has become a lifestyle trend. Many women who like men who have a tattoo because she considers it tattooed guy look more macho than that do not have.

Hmmm .. if you now do not have a girlfriend? Maybe by making a tattoo tomorrow you get a girl friend .. : D

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