Thursday, April 28, 2011


Name: Elishia Sahota

Age: 23 | Height: 5’9″ | North Delta, BC

From dreams of training to sprint for Canada at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia; from being asked to move to California in order to pursue a professional career of tennis; from being requested to play professional soccer for Oxford University, and for representing Brazil at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games as the flag/placard bearer, Elishia Sahota continues to pursue a path of high achievement.

Upon completion of her degree as a current business student she plans upon continuing her studies in order to obtain a Masters degree and further the development of her own organization for children of war. As a model and actress, Elishia has had the privilege of working with big name Hollywood actors and iconic fashion photographers!

Upon meeting Elishia, you instantly feel her passion for family, her German Shepherd, and her love to be the old soul she is with a genuine personality and heart. She is well traveled with a respect and open mind for all people and places around this World.

Since a young girl she would participate with her school in visiting seniors’ homes to sing for them and spend time with them, as well as helping the Greater Vancouver Foodbank Society in numerous ways such as participating in building the first pilot soup garden. Her school gave her the foundation of giving through encouraging each grade since Kindergarten to donate money to help a sister school in Kibaale, Uganda. Elishia has taken this foundation and moved on to help raise money with her family to support the cause and organization of CRY (Cardiac Risk in Youth).

She has a passion for singing, a drive for athletics, and an appreciation for literature and the fine arts. She firmly believes in staying true to one’s morals and values in order to become successful and maintain happiness in life.

Remembering who you are and the strength you possess in order to get where your destiny will lead you is one of the most important concepts to master, she says. Once this concept begins to unfold in the mind, then and only then can we help to further and better the lives of others—You must first believe in you.

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