Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bird Tassel for Grandfather - Clock, That Is.

I took a break from paper crafting and spent a bit of time making a decorative tassel, known to some as jewelry for your home.  I wanted a little something special to hang from the key on my grandfather clock door.  Previously I had a cranberry colored tassel hanging from the key and while cute, the tassel was very ordinary looking.  I wanted to jazz things up a bit.

I started by checking out some of my favorite tablescaping/home decorating blogs.  I carefully searched for ideas to enhance this small area.  One of the ads/links I followed lead me to an Etsy shop specializing in decorative tassels.  I promptly selected a tassel and ordered. 

When the tassel arrived I had a good news/bad news moment; while I loved the tassel, it was too large for the clock door.  I ended up handing that cute tassel, with it's large ceramic bird, full and bushy tassel, and adorable bow, on the switch to the Tiffany stained glass lamp on the buffet.   But before finding a home for the purchased tassel, I inspected how it was made. (insert wink)!!

I found a source for this cute little bird - made of metal - and I purchased him.  I then purchased tassel trim.   I wrapped the tassel trim around the original cranberry colored clock tassel that was on the clock door.  Using wire and hot glue gun/glue, I assembled the tassel into a nice full cone shape.  I almost attached the bird at this point, but decided that the bird needed a pretty nest. 

I went and looked around my scrap room and found this awesome Prima flower.  I hot glued the flower to the top of the tassel, then hot glued the bird to the flower. 

I know these photos have a lot of glare, but trust me, this small bird nest tassel is adorable on my grandfather clock door. 

I will be back with another project to share tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

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