Friday, April 29, 2011


Name: Jocelyn Lernout

Age: 25 | Height: 5’8″ | Vancouver, BC

Raised in historic Chatham-Kent, Ontario; Jocelyn Anna is an innovative film maker and ambassador of culture with the eye and heart of an explorer.

She has a degree in Psychology with minors in English and World Religions and continually enjoys developing new skills through a variety of arts and leadership courses.

After graduating from university and finding her sense of purpose, Jocelyn pursued her ambition for filmmaking by moving to Vancouver, British Columbia to find stories that could be found in the city that was welcoming the world.

Through her travels and experiences, Jocelyn has endured a personal journey which has brought purpose and passion to her life, and she anticipates affecting other people’s lives in a similar way. She believes in the good and is in pursuit of sharing films and art that inspires remembrance of heritage and appreciation for our multicultural world.

Through it all, she holds the vision of using tools such as filmmaking and cultural awareness for motivating, especially children and youth, to understand and believe in our ability to achieve and become.

Jocelyn values her family, friendship and always meeting new people. Among her creative endeavours she loves playing tennis and ping-pong, attending concerts and events and appreciating nature or time spent on the water.

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