Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, yeah. People from the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning) do have networks. This is one way of meeting new people. Even if the world is getting more and more welcoming, there's still some room for prejudice and all. And aside from casual meet-ups in bars, clubs and bath houses, people from the LGBTQ community also go into networking sites. Not just Facebook, Twitter or Friendster. We actually have sites specially dedicated for us. Here are the 4 sites that I recommend and believe are used by most Filipinos.

1. Downelink
- Of the four I have in here, I highly recommend this one. It has somehow a Facebook feel in it and a bit of sophistication and chic. The dashboard does not really spell much of an LGBTQ site but looks like a normal networking site. What's so nice is that you can add friends in here much like FB and Friendster and can do a profile much akin to Multiply and Myspace. Aside from that, there are many more ways to intreact with the users (not just messaging and posting to wall). In here you can participate in forums, do blogs and enjoy the video chat (reminiscent of the old G4M chat) as well. Pretty cool eh. :)

2. Planet Romeo
- PR as it is more commonly known is actually a spot for meet-ups. Back then it was known as G4M (guys 4 men) and has the video chat to boot and the forums. But with the new name comes new stuff which sadly does not include the chat. Still a good place to cruise for possible EBs or SEBs.

3. Manjam
- If you're more into meeting foreigners, here's a spot for you. I think onlt few Filipinos use this. Aside from restrictions on number of views and messaged per day, the functionalities and features of this site is not much to brag about.

4. Lifeout
- If you like tons of action (videos of you know what), here's your haven. But aside from the videos and pics to salivate with, nothing much is left with regards interactivity and oftentimes gets a bit slow just moving from page to page.

What are you waiting for? Join any of these sites and discover more on the colorful world of the LGBTQs.

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