Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Million Tattoos

Product Description
Once exclusive to sailors and tribal warriors, tattoos are now all the rage with everyone from the rock-n-roll crowd to groovy grannies. Discover the wild world of tattoo art in One Million Tattoos: Designs to Create and Color. This unique title features a full-color book, showcasing the biggest collection of tattoo art ever compiled, bundled with computer software that gives you the chance to create well over 90 million tattoo designs. Unlike getting a tattoo, creating a tattoo is painless! The companion CD includes easy-to-follow menus that allow even novices to design intricate, attractive tattoo art. Choose from classic old-school designs like sailor banners, “I Love Mom” hearts, and leaping panthers, or get inspired by ancient tribal designs and New Age looks. Mix and match to your heart's content! Print out thousands of combinations of original tattoo designs to color and incorporate into your own tattoo art!

About the Author
Jian Yi: Jian Yi is a member of ASIFA (the International Animated Film Society) and a widely respected manga artist. His work has been published worldwide, including in China, France, Canada, and Switzerland. He has been passionate about tattoo art since 2005, and now runs a tattoo and comic studio in Beijing, where he lives.

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