Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Southern hottie Sneha, Ranbir's Barfee girl

The avalanche of Tamil-Telugu actresses into Bollywood continues. While all attention is on Ileana D’Cruz who makes her high-profile transition from Telugu to Hindi with Ranbir Kapoor in Barfee, a far more in-demand strong-and-saleable Southern beauty is poised to make her entry into Hindi films.

29-year old Sneha who has done films in all the four major South Indian languages—Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada—is all set to make her Hindi debut in Revathy S Varhma’s Mad Dad.

When contacted director Revathy Varmha explained, “ Sneha is not playing his wife in the present times. She plays the wife, a very aristocratic character, who dies at age 25. She will be located and dressed up in the 1980s style.

She lives only in the memory of the title character. I chose Sneha because she has always chosen unconventional roles in the South. She has versatility to carry off any part with ease. ”

It is here that Revathy drops a bomb, “Actually Sneha was supposed to play Sita opposite Ajay Devgn’s Rama in Ramayan. Then Sneha was dropped and Kajol was signed. Finally Santoshi’s Ramayan never happened. ”

To her credit Sneha doesn’t diplomatically deny her Devgn past.

Says the lovely multi-award winning actress, “Yes, Raj Kumar Santoshi did sign me to play Sita. I’ll always have the highest regard for him. He was the first filmmaker from the Hindi film industry to approach me. He believed in my range.

Now I’ve chosen to enter Hindi cinema with Mad Dad because I always want to do challenging roles in any language. This is the best role to start my career in Hindi cinema. ”

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