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Featured Blogger -- Megan of Honey We're Home!

We can't wait to introduce you to Megan over at Honey We're Home! Yet another one of our favorite places to browse - Megan shares organizational tips and amazing DIY projects all while showing off her FABulous home! Read on to get to know more about Megan and our favorite blogspot, Honey We're Home! Ah, we just love Megan & her oh-so-pretty blog. 

{1} Tell us about yourself - the face behind the name!

I’m a wife and first time mom to our son, 13-month old James.  I was blessed to be able to stay home with him for his first year and recently returned to work (two days a week) as a lawyer.  I have a love for design, organizing, stationery, and shoes!

{Megan & her super cute Little}
{2} What made you begin your beautiful blog, Honey We're Home?

Last summer we moved into the home we built and I have been busy decorating ever since.  The blog was started as a sort of journal to chronicle our build and design process and to record those precious baby moments.

{Megan's Oh-So-Pretty Oprah Magazine Collection}
{3} You are seriously organized and it is well, a true talent! From your office, to your closet, to your Oprah Magazine collection - what are some of your best tips you can give us for staying organized?

It’s all about editing out the things you don’t want, need, or love.  It’s so hard to be organized when we have too much stuff.  I’m pretty determined about donating what we don’t need and it helps me to know that someone else is getting much better use out of what I’m not using!  Keeping similar things together in pretty containers is also an easy trick to staying organized.

{We LOVE how Megan decorates with books}
{4} Tell us a little bit about your home. Where do you shop? What is your favorite room & why?

Our home is a work in progress!  My “go-to” sources are Crate & Barrel, Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and West Elm.  I also like online sites like Wisteria, Layla Grace, Grandin Road and Ballard Designs and have found great deals at Home, Overstock, and JC Penney’s. 
I think my favorite room is the kitchen.  

It’s the one room the house was built around and I knew exactly what I wanted and achieved it.  

{Head here to make Megan's super-chic Inspiration Board}
{5} You feature many DIY projects - we LOVE the Inspiration Board you showed off! How do you come up with such brilliant and oh-so-chic crafy ideas? Do you have a favorite DIY project?

I don’t consider myself especially talented in the DIY area, but I read a lot of blogs and get so much inspiration from them.  My favorite DIY project is probably the art wall above my son’s nursery.  I took pages from a sentimental book and framed them- easy peasy- but very meaningful.

{One of our favorite rooms is Megan's Closet. Get the inside scoop!}
{6} We just have to talk about this closet. What is your favorite item in it & why?

Of course I really love the chandelier, which is the first thing you notice when you enter, but my closet is also where I keep all the cards from my husband and son on display and I love to see them on my dresser. 

{7} What is your go-to outfit?

Hmmm, on weekends you’ll find me either in a casual tank dress (so easy to just put on one piece) or a tank top, capri pants/jeans, and wedges or flip flops. 

{8} What are some of your must-read blogs or sites?

I read a lot of blogs so it’s really hard to narrow it down.  Through blogging, I’ve become especially close to several women who inspire and encourage me daily.  I love the humor at Hi Sugarplum and the eye candy at A Thoughtful Place.  Two of the first blogs I ever read were La Dolce Vita and Elements of Style.  Most of my daily reads are listed on my Blogroll.

{9} What is up next for you and Honey We're Home?

There is much to do with this house, and I have to remind myself that it doesn’t all have to be done immediately!  I’ve been “trying” to focus my attention on one room at a time, right now, the living room.  Also, my son is starting to walk, which is totally new and uncharted territory for this new mom:)  I’m so thankful to all of my readers and we are blessed to be finally “home”.

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