Thursday, April 7, 2011

Featured Blogger! Chassity of Look Linger Love!

We looked. We lingered. We love! 

Yes, that is exactly what you get when you head over to Look Linger Love! Blogger, Chassity has us lingering around her blog all the time which is why she is a cupcakeMAG featured blogger. Oh, and besides the fact that we adore her!

Let us introduce you to one our favorite spots, Look Linger Love & the FABulous writer behind the name!

{1} Tell us about yourself - the face behind the name! 
I'm a silly acting girl (okay I just turned 29, can I still call myself a girl??) just living my life as happily and beautifully as I can.  Most days {in between diaper changes and errands} you can find me with my baby girl out lunching with friends, searching out pretty things, and blogging.  
{Images of Chassity by Gray Benko}

{2} What made you begin, Look Linger Love?

I guess I just got tired of silently reading blogs and not joining the conversation.  I decided to stay home with my daughter when we had her, and it's been a joy.  But unlike so many, not that much has changed since I became a momma.  I still love all things style.  And I'm often asked "where did you get that??".  So what better way to chronicle and share my daily inspirations than a blog?

Because really, who says you can't carry a supply of diapers and Cheerios in an incredible bag?

{3} Your home is just gorgeous! What are some of your personal decorating tips? 

Thank you very much. I've had so much fun designing and tweaking it (daily!).  I mean, are we ever really finished with our homes?  My motto is to only keep the things that I wholeheartedly love.  Yes, this will likely mean some blank walls and a couple of empty spaces.  But we spend so much time in our homes, why stare at things that don't make us feel giddy?!  Take risks and branch out of  your comfort zone.  It's usually these items that make the space visually interesting.  I was a little nervous to paint our ceiling charcoal gray, but this is one of my favorite things about the house.

{Lily's Nursery from Chassity's Home Tour}
{4} Where do you love to shop for your home?

I think the trick here is to find items from a lot of different places so that your home doesn't look like a store showroom.  I find a lot of things at local shops around Charleston {we're blessed with so many}, as well as larger chains like Anthropologie, West Elm, and Restoration Hardware.  And don't forget online shopping.  I love Etsy in a major way, especially when it came time to decorate Lilly's nursery. 

I recently did a sources post on some of the things around our home after getting so many inquiries.

{Chassity's beautiful dining room was just one room featured in her home tour on Made By Girl}
{5} Love to shop for you?

I'm a boutique shopper {again, luckily Charleston is full of them}.  I prefer small shops that carry labels tailored to my style over large chains.  But don't misunderstand, I frequent some of the bigger stores like J.Crew, ASOS, Madewell, and Urban Outfitters too.  And considering I was a member of the J.Crew Shoe of the Month Club, my shoe shelves are happily stocked!

{6} What is your go-to outfit? 

During the day you'll generally find me in something baby friendly.  This usually consists of jeans (shorts in warmer weather) with a comfortable top, jewelry, and flats.
For a night out I'm most always in a dress or skirt with high heels.  You'll likely find some sequins too.

{we ADORE this print featured on Look Linger Love}
{7} What are some of your must-read blogs or sites?

I've been reading Cupcakes and Cashmere for awhile, I adore Emily's style.  I also appreciate the vast array of online shelter magazines.  Don't you just love all of the clickables these days?  It makes shopping so {too} easy!

{her sweet Lily! One of the 5 things she clearly can't live without!}
We hope you enjoyed getting to know Chassity! Head over to follow her blog now and make sure you "LIKE" (well, LOVE!) her new Facebook page here.

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