Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Silhouette Card

Have I told you that I love the Martha Stewart Seasonal Art Cake Cartridge?  I really, really like this cartridge a lot, though I have not used it once for cake making!!  It has a lovely font and art work for every major holiday. 

Purple is not a color I work with often - and there is a reason.   Short story, I once had to do an entire scrapbook in a purple palette.  It wore me out on purple for quite a while.  :D

My daughter told me told me that the bunnies are creepy!  What?  Creep?  No way.  But yes, apparently the clothing on the bunnies that makes them creepy.  And of course my husband agreed with her, only he claims the creepy parts are the eyes.  Everyone's a critic!!  But okay, I probably should not have drawn in eyes....... Or the ears......?

My favorite part of the card is the background paper.  I like all of those Easter eggs.  In fact, I liked them so well that I cut out six of them to use the in the silhouette basket and the bunnies'  hands. 

The flower embellishement was created by layering two large white flowers with two lavender flowers and topping them with a crocheted flower and button. 

I stamped the inside of the card with a stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby last year. 

This probably is not my best card every - I think it is curse of the purple.  After that purple scrapbook, purple and I just do not work well together!! 

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