Friday, April 1, 2011



Maori are the indigenous tribes of New Zealand and they have a very interesting culture, one of which is the tattoo culture. Maori tattoos is very popular today and many become inspired tattoo modern era. Actually for the Maori tattoos is a self-identity, each tribe has an tattoo characteristic that is different from other tribes.

Maori tattoos are usually worn on the face, thighs, buttocks for men while women wearing Maori tattoos on his lips and chin. If you see people wearing Maori tattoos mean the person has a rank, a certain social status. If you are interested in has a Maori tattoo I suggest you do not make a tattoo Maori relating to ethnicity, social status, rank of the Maori because you are a foreigner who is not related to the Maori, but are allowed to have tattoos related to Maori art and culture.

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