Friday, April 15, 2011

12 Hilarious Computerholic Signs

1.You work in your computer even when you are sick, I mean, really sick.

2.You have several computers, and you use them at the same time.

3.You create your own DIY Portable computer.

4.You sleep at work and your office looks like this.

5.You take your computer to the bathroom with you.

6.Or even worse, you take your bathroom to your computer.

7.You have keyboard keys as sleep prints.

8.You neglect your kids.

9.Your family and friends need to send you an email if they want to talk to you.

10.You stop caring for your personal hygiene.

11.You rather die than to live without your computer.

12.And when you do die, you ask to be buried under a computer gravestone.

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