Monday, April 18, 2011

10 Worst Teachers Ever

1.The teacher who taped her student's mouth shut.

2.The teacher who published an erotic book featuring some of her students.

3.The teachers who gave lap dance during school event and the video went viral.

4.The substitute teacher who told her pupils that there is no Santa.

5.The teacher who accidentally gave a self-made sex tape to 5th graders.

6.The teacher who took photos of young pupil's hairstyle and posted them on Facebook for friends to mock.

7.The school teacher who sprayed children who smelt of curry with air freshener.

8.The teacher who hit a boy with Pritt Stick until his thumb bled.

9. The teacher who got arrested for drunken teaching.

10.The teacher who attached McDonald's job application to failed tests.

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