Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taking Flight

A number of years ago, E spotted a chrome model airplane he liked and wanted for our home, but we didn't leave the store with it that day. The next time we returned, I saw the disappointment on E's face as he realized the airplane was gone. He searched for one online to no avail and before long the plane went unmentioned.

Nate Berkus

Months later and a few weeks before Christmas, in a moment of good fortune, I happened upon the silver airplane E had desired; that time, I made sure it left the store in my hands.

Nate Berkus

I am terrible with surprises, and although I desperately wanted to give it to E the moment I got home, I did manage to hold off until Christmas; E's excitement and disbelief when he realized what he was holding made it worth keeping the secret those few weeks.

Castleberry Antiques

While one airplane in a home may be enough, I can't help but covet some of these representations, models, and items made from parts of airplanes.

Installations Antiques

voila! via 1st Dibs

The airplane windows above have been converted into lights, as has the nose of an airplane, as seen in the pendant below left.

L: Ma(i)sonry via 1st Dibs. R: Nicholas Brawer via 1st Dibs.

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