Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm doing a bit of backtrack from the previous years for some of the most memorable travels I had. May 22, 2009 was this day when our family (tatay, nanay, my 2 ates, my 4 pamangkins and I) went on a trip to enjoy being together and staying together. This is the last time we made a travel together as the following years were filled with health issues from our family. So we decided to go to Tagaytay to experience the cold weather.

Kat and Gel

Ate Rose and Gel


Along the way, we dropped by Fantasy World which features a castle like structure and nice garden inside. And so we rushed out of the van and sprinted to the site and from there just took pictures after the other. It was a day filled with fun as all of us were just smiles with the wonderful scenario.

Happy Family

My sisters and pamangkins

Nanay and Tatay

This is definitely one of the memorable trips our family has ever had. Too bad, we can't repeat this anymore as my tatay has already left us since May of this year. As I look on the pictures, all I could feel was love and happiness. We, indeed were a bunch of people who are camera addicts. And for sure, we all know to value family togetherness. And one thing is also certain, we can definitely spell the word FUN!

Nanay and my Ates

My Pamangkins - Gabriel, Gianne, Gelyn, Katkat

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