Friday, July 1, 2011


Do you remember the times when most people moreso often gays try to hide their special someone by saying. "Oh, he's my cousin!" It was an overly used alibi to hide the true status of one's relationship. Such is done for various reasons - fear of acceptance at home and in the workplace, unreadiness for relationships and a whole lot more. Now, that seems to be a cliche already. Today, we rarely hear the "cousin" alibi. But we do have a new thing that we usually encounter and hear. Oh, he's my bestfriend.

But how do you differentiate a BF (bestfriend) from "THE"  BF (boyfriend). Hard to tell. There are however some signs that could help you identify one from the other. The rules are not clear cut and not as crystallized as the other rules of relationship but it could somehow guide you on the true status of 2 people. Sometimes the line between the bestfriend and the boyfriend is getting thinner and thinner. Let's see some points that could make you think if two guys are really just friends or more than that.

First things first, both are single - no current attachments. That is the biggest chunk that could possibly lead you to think they are really a thing. Add the age factor and you'll see that your hunch might be the reality. Wouldn't you question if both guys are nearing their 30's already and yet they are pretty much single and unattached? I would definitely think twice. So okay, they are single at a very late age but you might wanna check if they are courting or seeing someone. If not, well that's a stronger proof that there might be something.

Aside from the single thing, one could easily check on interests. Do they share same interests? Are they inclined on doing things together. It does not necessarily vouch that they are a couple if they do have same hobbies but seeing them doing a lot of stuffs together could tickle some doubts.

Pictures. Most of the time, if they really have something, you usually see them together in pics. Mall pictures, travel pictures or even random camwhoring at home would mean they spend a big deal of time together. Why would they do it if they were just friends? I won't spend like more than 50% of my time if he's just a friend even a bestfriend. There is definitely something deeper than friendship that keeps them together. If they enjoy their time with each other and can be frequently seen out on food trips, dinners, movies and others then that is really something more.

The Cellphone. In today's world, the cellphone is one of the neccesities. And this is a means of contacting our loved ones and the people we value so dearly. If you see their phones, they have pics of each other - may it be solo or together and the most number of messages or calls come from the other meaning they usually connect with one another. Simple friends don't normally check on if you have eaten already or if you are on your way home. I'm just saying.

Now, when you see two guys together and they introduce the other as a bestfriend, you may wanna think twice. I am not generalizing but most of the time it would be correct. Coz, bestfriend is the new cousin. Do you have one?

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